Ciso Dual Line Lubrication System


The Ciso Dual Line System Struture Diagram

The function principle of the dual-line systems consists of two half-cycles In the first half-cycle, the lubricant is pumped into the main line (A) and the main line (B) is connected to the relief line The lubricant, which is onducted by the change-over valve, is supplied to the metering devices The pistons of the metering devices are moved into their adjusted end positions, thus dispensing an exact, metered quantity of grease Once all metering devices have dispensed their lubricant to the consumption point, the system is hydraulically closed, which causes the pressure in main line (A) to rise until to the preset pressure at the end-of-line pressure switch (mounted in the main lines prior the last metering device) is reached This pressure switch then signals an electric pulse to the control unit, whitch turns the pump off and signals the change-over valve to relieve main line (A), and the pause time starts At this stage, half of the lubrication points in the system have been lubricated.In the second half-cycle, main line (B) is pressurized and the cycle continues as before.