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Definition of Centralized Lubrication System

A centralized lubrication system is a device that automatically delivers lubricants to various lubrication points of mechanical equipment through a central control system. Its main purpose is to ensure that all parts of the machine receive timely and adequate lubrication during operation, reducing wear and tear, lowering failure rates, extending equipment lifespan, and enhancing overall production efficiency.

I. Working Principle of Centralized Lubrication System

1. Lubrication Pump

Responsible for delivering the lubricant from the storage container to various lubrication points. The lubrication pump can be manually operated or driven by electricity or pneumatics.

2. Distributor

Evenly distributes the lubricant to each lubrication point. The distributor ensures that each point receives an accurate amount of lubricant.

3. Controller

Controls the operation of the lubrication system, setting lubrication time and lubricant quantity. The controller can be a simple timer or a complex computer control system capable of adjusting lubrication parameters based on the machine’s operating status and needs.

4. Pipeline System

Connects the lubrication pump, distributor, and various lubrication points. The pipeline system must have good sealing and pressure resistance to prevent leakage and ensure smooth delivery of the lubricant.


II. Advantages of Centralized Lubrication System

1. High Degree of Automation

The centralized lubrication system can automatically perform lubrication without manual operation, greatly reducing labor costs and operational errors.

2. Good Lubrication Effect

The system can precisely control the supply of lubricants and the lubrication time, ensuring that each lubrication point is always in optimal lubrication condition, reducing equipment wear and failure.

3. Simple Maintenance

The central control system can monitor lubrication conditions in real-time, promptly detecting and addressing lubrication issues, thereby reducing the complexity and frequency of equipment maintenance.

4. Extended Equipment Lifespan and Improved Production Efficiency

By reducing friction and wear, the centralized lubrication system extends equipment lifespan, improves production efficiency, and lowers operating costs.

III. Application Range

1、Agricultural Machinery: Balers, corn harvesters, combine harvesters, cotton pickers, shredders, cotton balers, corn stalk harvesters, etc.

2、Construction Machinery: Excavators, loaders, bulldozers, graders, rollers, rotary drilling rigs, pavers, mobile crushers, pile drivers, cranes, etc.

3、Mining Machinery: Underground loaders, underground trucks, underground drills, surface drills, rock drills, crushers, and screens.

4、Wind Power Equipment: Pitch bearings, main shaft bearings, yaw bearings, pitch bearing drives, and yaw bearing drives, generators.

5、Automation Equipment: Robotic arms, automatic winding machines, automatic welding machines, automatic assembly machines, automatic testing machines, automatic slitting machines, automatic laser marking machines, automatic sealing machines, automatic screw locking machines, etc.

6、Machine Tool Equipment: Lathes, planers, milling machines, punching machines, grinding machines, EDM machines, wire cutting machines, drilling machines, etc.

7、Port Equipment: Gantry cranes, bridge cranes, ship lifts, suspension cranes, container cranes, ship unloaders, jib cranes, etc.

8、Steel Metallurgy: Steelmaking equipment, rolling mills, casting machines, injection molding machines, presses, etc.

9、Petroleum Equipment: Beam pumping units, derricks, winches, etc.

As a key technology in modern industrial equipment maintenance, the centralized lubrication system has become an important means to enhance equipment performance and production efficiency. The centralized lubrication systems provided by COSLUBE Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., with their excellent stability, reliability, and efficiency, offer high-quality lubrication solutions to customers in various industries.

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