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GP212 Progressive Lubrication Pump

The GP-212 provides a large quantity of grease with up to 12 pump head units. The pump's modular design provides economy, ease of installation and maintenance, and eliminates the need for tubing to combine two or more pump elements.

It eliminates the need for tubing to combine two or more pump elements. Drive and Eccentric Shaft Design drive and eccentric shaft design, high efficiency worm gears, and low component count offer multiple advantages.

The pumps have a low failure rate, are simple to install and maintain, and are designed for use in demanding environments.

The pumps are designed for use in harsh environments including tunnel drilling, mining, rubber mixing equipment and a variety of stationary machines with high lubricant consumption.

The GP-212 multi-point lubrication pump is equipped with a high-power motor, and each of its pump heads allows simple and easy adjustment of the flow rate.

The storage tank has a capacity of 30L and is equipped with ultrasonic sensors for level control. The maximum working pressure is 350bar, and it can work efficiently in the temperature range of -20 ~ +70°C.

Technical Information of GP212 Progressive Lubrication Pump

Basic Technical Parameter

Unit of pump outlets


Displacement per outlet KR12


Maximum pressure

35MPa Max.


30L/Can be equipped with a mechanical level indicator

Electrical machinery


Electrical connection


Protection class



up to NLGI3#

Reduction ratio


Explosion-proof grade


Lubrication systemprogressive lubrication system

Technical Drawing of GP212 Progressive Lubrication Pump

Technical Information of GP212 Progressive Lubrication Pump

Dimensions (mm)

Characteristics of GP212 Progressive Lubrication Pump

  • Discharge volume can be set individually for each lubrication point

  • Broad dosage, high pump element output, no element crossover required

  • High pressure, maximum working pressure 35Mpa

  • Real-time monitoring of the operating status of each lubrication point

  • Modularized design

  • Simple maintenance

  • Ruggedized for efficient operation in harsh environments

  • Green cleaning, precise lubrication and thus reduced grease consumption

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