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Central Lubrication System in Construction Machinery

There are many lubrication points for construction machinery, and the distribution of lubrication points is relatively scattered. The working conditions are complex, and the operating environment is bumpy. The equipment is mostly operated in the field, making maintenance relatively difficult. The GT plus auto lube pump and  GM auto lubrication pump can be equipped with up to five pump components, and when paired with a DSP distributor, it can complete more than 100 centralized lubrication points. The special body material can achieve excellent seismic resistance.

Central Lubrication System in Construction Machinery

The Challenges of Lubricating Construction Machinery

Construction machinery has numerous lubrication points that are widely distributed, making the lubrication process complex. The operating conditions are often harsh, with bumpy environments and outdoor operations, making maintenance relatively difficult. Therefore, a robust and efficient progressive lubrication system is crucial for the smooth operation of these machines.

GT PLUS Lubrication Pump: A Solution for Construction Machinery

Our GT PLUS lubrication pump is designed to meet these challenges. It can be equipped with up to five pump elements and, in combination with the DSP distributor valve, can achieve centralized lubrication of over 100 points. The pump's special body material provides excellent shock resistance, making it ideal for the demanding conditions of construction machinery.

Application of Lubrication Products in Construction Machinery

Our lubricating pumps and grease distributer valve apply to a wide range of construction machinery, including excavators, loaders, bulldozers, graders, road rollers, rotary drilling rigs, pavers, mobile crushers, pile drivers, cranes, and more. By ensuring these critical components are adequately lubricated, the lifespan of the equipment can be extended, and the overall efficiency of the construction machinery can be improved.

In conclusion, our lubrication solutions, particularly the GT PLUS lubrication pump, provide an effective and efficient solution for the demanding lubrication needs of construction machinery.

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