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Centralised Lubrication Products

Centralised Lubrication Products

Products for Centralised Lubrication encompass Lubrication Pumps, Distributor Valves, and various System Accessories. The role of Lubrication Pumps is to deliver the lubricant, while Distributor Valves manage its flow throughout the system. Additionally, System Accessories, which include items such as tubes, connectors, and monitoring devices, are essential for ensuring the system operates at peak efficiency. Collectively, these elements contribute to the effective maintenance of machinery, enhancing its performance and extending its lifespan.

Types of Centralised Lubrication Products

Centralised Lubrication Products include Lubrication Pumps, Distributor Valves, and System Accessories. Lubrication Pumps supply the lubricant, Distributor Valves control its distribution, and System Accessories like tubes, connectors, and monitors ensure the system's optimal performance. These components work together to maintain machinery efficiency and longevity.

  • Lubrication Pumps
    This is the heart of the centralised lubrication system. It pumps the lubricant from the reservoir to the system, ensuring a consistent supply of lubricant to all points of the machine.

    Lubrication Pumps

  • Grease Distributor Valve
    This component controls the distribution of lubricant from the pump to the various lubrication points. It ensures that each point receives the correct amount of lubricant at the right time.

    Grease Distributor Valve

  • Lubrication System Accessories
    Accessories for the Lubrication System cover a broad spectrum of components such as tubes, connectors, and monitors, to name a few.

    Lubrication System Accessories

CISO Automatic Lube Systems Solutions

Central Lubrication System in Agricultural Machinery
Agricultural machinery frequently operates in challenging environmental conditions, including elevated temperatures, high humidity, and airborne dust. These conditions impose significant requirements on the lubrication capabilities of bearings and chains. Ciso lubrication system specializes in tailoring lubrication solutions specifically designed for various types of agricultural machinery.
Central Lubrication System in Construction Machinery
Construction machinery typically has numerous lubrication points, which are often scattered throughout the equipment. The working conditions are intricate, and the operating environment is rough. As the equipment is primarily used in the field, maintenance can be challenging. The GT PLUS lubrication pump is capable of accommodating up to five pump components. When combined with a DSP distributor, it can effectively service over 100 centralized lubrication points. The pump’s specialized body material ensures exceptional resistance to vibrations.
Central Lubrication System in Mining Machinery
Mining machinery and equipment often necessitate uninterrupted, long-term operation, making lubrication work challenging to interrupt. Lubrication equipment must possess enduring resistance to high temperatures, pressure, and explosion hazards, while also allowing lubrication to be performed during equipment operation. The GP212 and ZP series lubrication pumps are constructed from special metal materials, enabling them to effectively withstand high temperatures and pressures, while also providing reliable explosion-proof performance. Additionally, the lubrication time can be adjusted based on the working conditions, ensuring continuous and efficient lubrication of the equipment.
Central Lubrication System in Petroleum Equipment
Petroleum equipment is typically installed in challenging environments, such as offshore platforms and oil fields, where maintenance by personnel is difficult and costly. In such special environments, the GT series products offer a solution by allowing the setting of operating time and automatic control of lubricating oil displacement for each line. This enables the automatic lubrication of oilfield equipment. Additionally, these products can be connected to wireless devices, facilitating remote lubrication monitoring.
Central Lubrication System in Wind Power Equipment
Wind power equipment is commonly installed in high-altitude areas, where machines operate for extended periods at high speeds. As a result, lubrication equipment must meet stringent requirements. The GT PLUS lubrication pump, integrated into the lubrication system, is designed to withstand high temperatures, high pressures, and strong impacts. It also offers remote monitoring capabilities, effectively reducing the maintenance costs associated with wind power equipment.
Central Lubrication System in Steel Metallurgy Equipment
Steel and metallurgical equipment commonly operate in challenging conditions, including high temperatures, high pressures, and heavy loads, which necessitate a high-quality lubrication systeml. To meet these demands, the ZP series dual line lubrication system can be installed in crucial equipment components such as bearings, gears, and chains. This system enables the simultaneous delivery of lubricant to the equipment through two lubrication pipelines, ensuring thorough lubrication of these critical parts.
Central Lubrication System in Harbor Facilities
Port equipment is typically situated in unique environments such as seaside areas or docks. Due to their large size, these equipment require a significant amount of lubricants and can be challenging to maintain. The GP212 series products are well-suited for port equipment as they offer a large capacity, smooth operation, low noise, low failure rate, and simple installation and maintenance. Additionally, each pump head allows for easy and convenient adjustment of the flow rate, making them highly suitable for the lubrication needs of port equipment.
Central Lubrication System in Machine Tool Equipment
Machine tool equipment typically consists of multiple components with a complex structure, limited installation space, and numerous lubrication points, making lubrication a challenging task. It can be difficult to ensure that every lubrication point is adequately covered, resulting in insufficient lubrication. To address this issue, the GM and GT-MAX series products are specifically designed for installation in narrow spaces and are compatible with progressive or single line lubrication systems.
Central Lubrication System in Automation Equipment
Regular monitoring and maintenance are essential for ensuring the quality and effectiveness of lubricants in automation equipment. This includes monitoring indicators such as viscosity, pollution level, and residual amount of lubricants. The GM and GT-MAX series products offer features that facilitate this process. With a visual pump body, the condition of oil and grease can be visually monitored. The distributor can be equipped with a filter at the front end to effectively remove impurities from the oil. Additionally, the end pressure detection switch provides timely feedback on lubrication faults in the equipment.
Why Choose Ciso For Lubrication Products?

Why Choose Ciso For Lubrication Products?

Quality and Innovation

CISO is renowned for its high-quality lubrication products. They are designed with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The products are robust, reliable, and efficient, making them a preferred choice for various industries.

Comprehensive Range

CISO offers a wide array of lubrication products, from pumps to valves and various parts. This extensive range ensures that customers can find the exact solution they need for their specific applications, making CISO a one-stop-shop for all lubrication needs.

Excellent Customer Serviceb

CISO is not just a product provider, but a service-oriented company. They offer exceptional customer support, providing technical advice, product support, and prompt responses to queries. This commitment to customer satisfaction sets CISO apart in the lubrication products market.


What Are Lubrication Products Used For?

Lubrication products play a crucial role in the smooth operation of various types of machinery and equipment. They are primarily used to reduce friction between moving parts, minimizing wear and tear, and preventing overheating. By creating a thin layer between surfaces, lubrication products allow parts to move smoothly against each other, enhancing efficiency and performance. They also help to disperse heat and remove contaminants, further protecting machinery components. In industries where machinery is constantly in use, such as wind power equipment, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and mining equipment, lubrication products are essential for maintaining equipment longevity, reducing downtime, and ultimately, saving costs.

What Are Lubrication Products Used For?
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