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Central Lubrication System in Machine Tool Equipment

Machine tool equipment is usually composed of multiple components, with a complex structure, small installation space, numerous lubrication points, and difficult lubrication. Lubricants are difficult to fully cover every lubrication point, which can lead to inadequate lubrication. The GM auto lubrication pump and GT-MAX lube grease pump series products are particularly suitable for installation in narrow spaces and are used for progressive or single line lubrication systems, meeting complex lubrication needs.

Central Lubrication System in Machine Tool Equipment

Why Machine Tool Equipment Needs Lubrication Products

Machine tool equipment is typically composed of multiple components, each with a complex structure and limited installation space. This complexity, coupled with the numerous lubrication points, makes lubrication a challenging task. It is often difficult for lubricants to fully cover each lubrication point, leading to situations where lubrication is not adequately achieved.

The Role of CisoLube Lubrication Products

In response to these challenges, lubrication products such as the CisoLube GM and GT-MAX series have been developed. These products are specifically designed for installation in tight spaces and can be used in progressive lubrication system or single-line lubrication system. The difficulty of ensuring complete lubrication coverage is thus significantly reduced.

Applications of Lubrication Products in Various Machine Tools

These lubricating pumps and grease distributor find application in a wide range of machine tool equipment. This includes lathes, planers, milling machines, punching machines, grinders, electrical discharge machining tools, wire cutting machines, drilling machines, and more. By ensuring that these machines are adequately lubricated, the lubrication products help to reduce wear and tear, extend the lifespan of the machines, and improve their performance.

In conclusion, lubrication products play a crucial role in the operation of machine tool equipment. They help to overcome the challenges posed by the complexity of these machines and ensure that all components are adequately lubricated, thereby enhancing the efficiency and longevity of the machines.

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