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GM Progressive Lubrication Pump

GM is a piston pump, predisposed to operate with a maximum of Five pumping units, Its design is particularly suitable for progressive systems or singleline systems.

Five independent line lubrication at the same time.

Output can be combined and increase displacement.

With special materials, to achieve excellent anti-shock ability.

Special design of pump make it easy to observe the oil level and prevent oil deterioration. With low liquid level alarm, flashing buzzer. Also can choose the type of output.

Standard: can be managed by an external PLC. Since it does not come with an internal control unit, this is the most economic solution for lubricating your systems.

Automatic: With integrated control system, which can be set up local running time. Equipped with local operation and alarm light, alarm with buzzer, provide low level and pulse alarm, which can be combined with the monitor of distributor units into a perfect operating system.

Technical Information of GM Progressive Automatic Lubrication Pumps


Unit of pump outlets

Max  5 outlets

Outlet thread


Operating pressure

25MPa Max

Reservoir Capacity

1.5, 2, 4L


OIL, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2

Operating temperatures


Lubrication systemprogressive lubrication system

Technical Drawing of GT Progressive Automatic Lubrication Pumps

1.5L Dimensions (mm):

Technical Drawing of GT Progressive Lubrication Pump


2L&4L Dimensions (mm):

Technical Drawing of GT Progressive Lubrication Pump


Characteristics of GM Progressive Automatic Lubrication Pumps

  • Pump oil and grease

  • RESERVOIRS: 1.5/2/4L

  • VOLTAGES: 12VDC/24VDC/90-240VAC

  • Multiple grease filling ways

  • Powerful centralized control system

  • CE Certification

  • Design patent

  • IP65

Progressive Automatic Lubrication Pumps Solutions

Cisolube Progressive Automatic Lubrication Pump Solutions are essential for maintaining optimal performance in automation equipment, construction machinery, and machine tool equipment. In automation, these automatic lubrication pumps ensure precise and consistent lubrication, enhancing the efficiency and longevity of robotic and automated systems. For construction machinery, they provide reliable lubrication under heavy loads and demanding conditions, reducing maintenance needs and downtime. In machine tool equipment, Cisolube automatic lubrication pumps deliver accurate lubrication to critical components, ensuring smooth operation and extending tool life. These GM auto lubrication pumps are designed for durability and high performance, making them indispensable in various industrial applications.

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