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GMS Single Line Lubrication Pump

With compact and lightweight appearance design, can transport thin oil and grease.

With special materials, to achieve excellent anti-shock ability.

Special design of pump make it easy to observe the oil level and prevent oil deterioration.

There are two model modes:

Standard: can be managed by an external PLC. Since it does not come with an internal control unit, this is the most economic solution for lubricating your systems.

Automatic: With integrated control system, which can be set up local running time. Equipped with local operation and alarm light, alarm with buzzer, provide low level and pulse alarm, which can be combined with the monitor of distributor units into a perfect operating system.

Technical Information of GMS Single Line Lubrication Pump



24 Vdc (optional 12 Vdc).

Unit of pump outlets


Outlet thread



max. 16 ml/min(one pump element)

Operating preasure

adjustable from ±50 to 100 ba

Reservoir Capacity



OIL, 000, 00, 0, 1

Operating temperatures


Lubrication systemsingle line lubrication system

Technical Drawing of GMS Single Line Lubrication Pump

Technical Drawing of GMS Single Line Lubrication Pump


Characteristics of GMS Single Line Lubrication Pump

  • oil and grease

  • Reservoirs: 1.5L/2L/4L

  • Voltages: 12VDC/24VDC

  • Multiple grease filling ways

  • Powerful centralized control system

  • CE Certification

  • Design patent

  • IP65

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