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PMN Chain Lubrication Pump

Simple design, strong structure, easy to install, especially suitable for agricultural machinery.

Use in harsh environments.

The PMN lubrication system made up of a 4 or 7 litre reservoir with suction filter, metering pieces and brushes Lubrication system, the demand of each lubrication point can be adjusted by adjusting the metering parts. The volume can be set, and the total system can also be adjusted by the PMN plunger motion stroke Total oil output.

The PMN system is especially suitable for the chain lubrication requirements of agricultural equipment such as round baler and harvester. For the reason that the push rod is driven by the drive device on the side of the rear compartment door, the drive system follows the stroke of the piston (15mm maximum) and the maximum number of strokes (5 strokes/minute).

PMN lubrication pumps are also suitable for other lubrication requirements, such as gearbox, guide rail, chain, etc., and also for applications that need to maintain constant pressure lubrication.

Technical Information of PMN Chain Lubrication Pump


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Structure Diagram of PMN Chain Lubrication Pump

Structure Diagram of PMN Chain Lubrication Pump

Dimensions(mm) of PMN Chain Lubrication Pump

Dimensions(mm) of PMN Chain Lubrication Pump

Characteristics of PMN Chain Lubrication Pump

  • No motors and controller

  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs

  • Simple installation, small size

  • Metered lubrication of each area as required

  • Protect the lubricated parts with an uninterrupted frequency

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