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PMV Chain Lubrication Pump

PMV is a multi-point piston pump operated by a cam system and designed to feed several independent lines up to a maximum of 12 outlets.

Characterised for its robustness and reliability, it is particularly suitable for lubricating systems installed in difficult environments.

The pump is designed to supply single-point lubrication systems in agricultural machinery and various kinds of machinery for use with oil.

The "PMV" pump is designed to operate with a maximum of six pistons, which are easily adjustable on 12 outlets.

The pump is designed for merging outlets (to be defined during the order phase); the same will be provided directly to the merged outlets according to your specifications. Merging the two outlets will allow for the nominal flow rate of a single outlet to be doubled.

Technical Information of PMV Chain Lubrication Pump

Technical Data


Ø8, Ø10


4L, 7L

Suction height


Filter Rate



Ø 4






Operating pressure

Max 10Bar

Output rate

Max 0.06cc/cyc

Viscosity range


Lubrication systemschain lubrication systems

Structure Diagram of PMV Chain Lubrication Pump

Structure Diagram of PMV Chain Lubrication Pump

Characteristics of PMV Chain Lubrication Pump

  • Improve machine reliability

  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs

  • Economizing lubricant

  • The reservoir can be placed within 0.5 m above or below the pump

  • The PMV pump can operate for up to 1000 hours without oil and will not get stuck without refueling.

  • Single-piston flow regulation is simple and fast

  • The piston and flow are regulated parallel to the outlet

  • The PMV pump is reversible, which means that its direction of rotation is not affected by mechanically driven steering

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