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Lubrication Parts

We provide a comprehensive range of lubrication parts for our lubrication system products, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Our offerings include high-pressure flexible pipes for efficient fluid transfer, push-in fittings for secure connections, and straight fitting assemblies for easy installation. These components are designed with precision and durability in mind, ensuring seamless operation of your centralized grease lubrication system. With our high-quality parts, you can enhance the efficiency of your machinery, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall productivity.

Specification of Lubrication Parts

Grease Gun Kits

DescriptionPart numberGrease fitting
Grease Gun KitsMG500Standard Connector
Grease Gun KitsMG500-CGrease fitting withcheck valve

Follower Plate

DescriptionPart numberOil drum
Follower Plate95660C16KG

GT PLUS Pumping Element

GT Pumping Element

Part numberODRated flow
805366mmK6; 4ml/min
805377mmK7; 5ml/min

GM Pumping Element

GM Pumping Element

Part numberODRated flow
885355mmP5; 3.3ml/min
885366mmP6; 4ml/min

Safety Valve

5FI05 Safety Valve

Part numberPressureMale thread

5FI07 Safety Valve

Part numberDescriptionMale thread

5FJ01 Safety Valve

Part numberODMale threadPressure

Straight Fitting Assembly

Straight Fitting Assembly

Part numberODThreadMaterial
5DM0602Ø6R1/8Zinc plated
5DM0610Ø6M10*1Zinc plated
5DM0608Ø6M8*1Zinc plated
5DM0606Ø6M6*1Zinc plated
5DM0402Ø4R1/8Zinc plated
5DM0410Ø4M10*1Zinc plated
5DM0408Ø4M8*1Zinc plated
5DM0406Ø4M6*1Zinc plated

5PM0602 Straight Fitting Assembly

Part numberODThreadMaterial
5PM0602Ø6NPT1/8Nickel-plated steel

Hose Coupling Straight

Hose Coupling Straight

Part numberABCDMaterial
ZZ06Ø66030M7*1Zinc plated

Threaded Sleeve

Threaded Sleeve

Part numberODThreadMaterial
WO06Ø6M7*1Zinc plated

High-Pressure Flexible Pipe

High-Pressure Flexible Pipe

Part numberOuter diameterInside diameter

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