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VE Distributor Valve

A typical VE distributor valve consists of a "first piece", a "tail piece" and 3 to10 working pieces. Can provide 3 to 20 lubrication points of lubrication, VE distributor valve working piece, a variety of specifications of displacement for selection. The double outlet working piece (after the specification value of the working piece,  the T represents the double outlet) has two oil outlets, which can be set as the side or upper output; the single outlet (after the specification value of the working piece, the S represents the single outlet) has one oil outlet, which can be at either end of the working piece, and the other end needs to be blocked. Note: that the double outlet working piece should not block any outlet, otherwise it will affect the normal operation. Magnetic and electronic proximity switch cycle indicators can be easily configured to provide positive protection for successful lubrication

Technical Information of VE Distributor Valve

Technical parameters

Operating pressure

Max 25Mpa


Oil  46 cSt to Grease  NLGI-2

Operating temperature

-40 °C to 110 °C

Inlet port


Outlet port



Max. 20

Max. number of operations

Max. 200cyc/min (When there is no indicator rod)

Max.60cyc/min(When installing the indicator rod)


Zinc-Nickel plated

Lubrication systemprogressive lubrication system

Technical Drawing of VE Distributor Valve

Technical Drawing of VE Distributor Valve

Number of workA(mm)B(mm)Number of workA(mm)B(mm)

Characteristics of VE Distributor Valve

  • Universal use in continuous or intermittent operation

  • Internal consolidation of outlets

  • The built-in  check valve can ensure the accuracy of each lubricant filling flow

  • Visual or electrical monitoring optional

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