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B-MV Metering Valves

MV Metering Valves is a distributor elements for economical light equipment. CISO's MV Standard material is Brass. Carbon steel can be customized.

Action pressure: ≧ 1.5MPa

Back pressure: ≦ 0.5MPa

Max. pressure: 8MPa

Standard outlet: 4mm, sleeve or ferrule for choice

Technical Information of B-MV Metering Valves

Technical characteristics


1 to 8

Flow rate

0.06ml, 0.1ml, 0.2ml, 0.3ml, 0.4ml, 0.5ml


NLGI 0, 00,000

Operating temperature

–30 to +170 °C

Operating pressure

Max. 8 Mpa


brass, steel

Connection main line


Connection outlet

4mm in O.D. tube

Lubrication systemsingle line lubrication system

Characteristics of B-MV Metering Valves

  • Pressurized ration distributor valve

  • Standard material: Brass

  • Reliable and efficient

  • Measured Accurately, Stable performance

  • Dual-seal、Leak-tightness

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