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Interpreting The Core Value Of Lubrication Systems In Mining Machinery

In the high-intensity working environment of mining machinery, lubrication systems play a crucial role. Efficient lubrication not only reduces equipment wear and extends its service life but also enhances production efficiency and reduces unplanned downtime, thereby saving significant maintenance and replacement costs.

Functions of Lubrication Systems

Mining machinery typically operates in extreme environments, which imposes higher lubrication requirements on the various moving parts of the equipment. The main functions of the centralized grease system include:

1、Reducing Friction and Wear: Lubricating oil or grease forms a protective film between moving parts, reducing direct contact and thus lowering friction and wear.

2、Preventing Rust and Corrosion: Lubricating oil has certain anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties that protect the equipment from damage in harsh environments.

3、Heat Dissipation: Lubricating oil carries away the heat generated by moving parts, preventing overheating and maintaining the normal operating temperature of the equipment.

4、Cleaning Function: Lubricating oil can carry away dirt and impurities from the surface of moving parts, keeping the equipment clean and reducing the occurrence of failures.

CISO Lubrication Products

When choosing automatic lubrication unit, CISO's automatic lubrication systems provide an efficient and reliable solution for mining machinery.

Efficient Lubrication Pumps

  • C-FLOW High-Performance Electric Lubrication Pump

The C-FLOW high-performance electric lubrication pump is a compact, high-performance electric pump designed specifically for engineering and mining machinery in harsh environments. Its features and functions include:


  • Features:

1、Compact Design: Small size, easy to install, suitable for applications with limited space.

2、Efficient Drive: Uses a brushless motor with low noise, low maintenance costs, and long service life.

3、Multifunctional Modules: Unique rotary drive and modular gear set can match various speeds, providing stable lubricant flow.

4、Robust and Durable: Metal structure design adapts to harsh environments, reducing maintenance downtime and repair costs.

5、Real-Time Monitoring: Optional pressure and level sensors for real-time monitoring and automatic alarm functions.

High-Quality Distributors

Single-line distributors such as the VL-1, VL-32, and VL-1X series extend equipment life, improve efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs in mining machinery. Grease distributor provides precise lubrication, adapt to harsh conditions, offer flexible configurations, and are easy to monitor and maintain, making them key to efficient equipment operation.


Features and Advantages:

1、Flexible Outlet Configuration: Equipped with 1 to 4 outlets (lubrication points), matching the number of lubrication points as needed.

2、Externally Adjustable Output: The output amount of the metering valve can be adjusted externally, allowing users to modify the lubrication dosage as needed.

3、Visual Inspection: Built-in liquid level indicator allows operators to visually check the operation of the metering valve.

4、Easy Replacement and Inspection: Each injector installed on the manifold can be easily replaced or inspected without disassembling the equipment or handling fittings and tubing.

5、Wide Installation Position Selection: These devices can be installed in any position and can be used with other types of metering devices.


  • VL-1 Metering Valve

Grease Metering Valve Features and Advantages:

1、Multi-Port Design: Equipped with 1 to 6 ports (lubrication points), suitable for lubrication systems of different scales.

2、Externally Adjustable Output: The output amount can be adjusted externally according to demand, providing flexible lubrication solutions.

3、Indicator Pin: Each port is equipped with an indicator pin, allowing visual inspection of the injector's operation.

4、Easy Maintenance: Individual metering devices can be disassembled, inspected, or replaced without interrupting the entire system.


Features and Advantages:

1、Similar Multi-Port Design to VL-1: Equipped with 1 to 6 ports (lubrication points), suitable for various lubrication needs.

2、Higher Operating Pressure: Supports higher operating pressure compared to VL-1, with a maximum of 414 bar.

3、Externally Adjustable Output: The output amount can also be adjusted externally, facilitating operation.

4、Visual Inspection: Equipped with indicator pins, allowing visual inspection of the metering valve's operation.

5、Easy Replacement and Maintenance: Individual metering devices can be easily disassembled, inspected, or replaced, making maintenance convenient.

By adopting CISO lubrication products, mining machinery can achieve continuous and efficient lubrication, extend equipment life, improve production efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs, providing strong support for the sustainable development of the mining industry.

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