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Ciso's Progressive Lubrication System: The Leading Choice For The Excavator Industry

Excavators play a key role in earthmoving projects, often working in harsh environments such as quarries, tunnels, canals and dredged waterways. Studies have shown that over 60% of mechanical failures are due to poor lubrication, and our CISO Professional Centralized Lubrication System is the best solution to address these issues, improving operational efficiency and extending the service life of your equipment.

CISO's centralized lubrication system has been shown to significantly reduce downtime and damage to machinery and equipment. In addition, the technology saves on maintenance and parts costs, improves efficiency and reduces manual labor, providing long term assurance of vehicle life and performance.


progressive lubrication system

CISO's centralized lubrication system consists of lubrication pumps, distributors, controllers (optional) and piping accessories. The main lubrication parts of the excavator are: slewing gears, pin shafts, bucket connecting rods, etc. The progressive centralized lubrication system is adopted: GT-PLUS series lubrication pumps are matched with DSP type progressive distributor or VB type progressive distributor, with φ11x6 high-pressure resin hose for the main pipeline, and φ8.6X4 high-pressure resin hose for the sub pipeline, to ensure that the lubricant is accurately delivered to each lubrication point.

In addition, the lubrication pump has a built-in controller to adjust the lubrication time and interval. The progressive lubrication system operates according to a preset program, precisely controlling the grease delivery to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Features of CISO's automatic lubrication system:

1、Provide the right amount of lubricant, accurately lubricate the right lubrication points, and lubricate at the correct time interval.

2、Centralized automatic lubrication system significantly improves equipment availability.

3、Timed, fixed-point, fixed-quantity, fixed-sequence grease filling, minimizing friction and wear, and improving the service life of bearings.

4、Remote monitoring and real-time operation can be realized through external control module.

5, Cecil automatic lubrication system designed for a single machine or a complete set of equipment, can optimize the lubrication process in all aspects, for all the required lubrication points to provide the right amount of accurate oil replenishment.

The advantages of CISO's automatic lubrication system:

1, substantial savings in maintenance and spare parts costs.

2、Improve equipment reliability.

3、Timing, pointing, quantitative, sequential filling of grease, to avoid manual greasing missed lubrication points.

4、High system pressure, wide range of grease.

5. Accurate lubrication cycle, precise dosing of grease, saving grease and reducing pollution to the environment.

6, with fault alarm function, the whole monitoring lubrication system.

7、Compact structure, excellent performance, easy to install, easy to check and maintain.

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