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CISOLUBE: New Factory Set Sail Brand Soared

In order to accommodate growth and expand its innovative lubrication solutions, CISOLUBE announced a strategic move to a new advanced facility. This marks an important milestone for the company, enabling it to continue to successfully provide cutting-edge centralized lubrication systems globally, serving various industries.


The new factory is located at 41 Bosna Road, High-tech Zone, Yantai City, Shandong Province, equipped with modern infrastructure and advanced manufacturing capabilities. It is meticulously designed to improve efficiency, streamline production processes, and support CISOLUBE's commitment to providing high-quality lubrication solutions to meet the needs of various industries.
“The move to the new factory marks an exciting chapter for CISOLUBE,” said Jin Feng Wang, CEO of CISOLUBE. “This move not only underscores our growth trajectory but also reinforces our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With expanded space and enhanced resources, we will further enhance our capabilities and continue to create value for our customers.”

This relocation aligns with CISOLUBE's vision of maintaining leading lubrication technology. The new facility is equipped with advanced R&D laboratories to continuously improve lubrication systems to meet evolving industry requirements. Additionally, it includes dedicated testing, quality control, and customer collaboration areas to ensure each product meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.


“Our focus has always been on providing solutions that optimize equipment performance and reduce maintenance costs,” Wang Jin Feng said. “With the new factory, we have the opportunity to accelerate innovation, customize lubrication solutions, and provide unparalleled lubrication system customization support to industries such as agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery, and wind power equipment.”
The relocation process is carefully planned to minimize disruption to ongoing business and ensure a seamless transition for customers. CISOLUBE is committed to maintaining uninterrupted service and support during and after the relocation.
As part of its expansion strategy, CISOLUBE will also increase recruitment efforts to attract additional talent in various departments, including production, R&D, sales, and customer support. This investment in talent underscores the company’s long-term commitment to driving innovation and providing value-added solutions to its global customers.
“We are excited about the opportunities brought by the new factory,” added Jin Feng Wang. “By combining cutting-edge technology with our expertise and customer-centric approach, we will make significant progress in advancing lubrication solutions and helping customers achieve operational excellence.”
CISOLUBE invites partners, customers, and industry collaborators to visit its new factory and explore firsthand the advanced capabilities and solutions driving the future of lubrication technology.

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