DSP Distributor Valve

The single output of the dosing device may be combined with the one located adjacent by eliminating the special fitting and applying a plug.An outlet can also be merged with the sequential outlet on the block by removing the special outlet fitting and installing a plug.

Visual or electronic monitoring can be achieved simply by removing a plug and installing a visual or electronic add-on device .The spools in a progressive metering valve operate sequentially partitioning equally across the outlets,the grease being pumped into the metering block inlet.In the event of a blocked lubrication point all the spools will stop,thereby allowing the user to monitor the entire system with a single monitoring device.

The grease pumped inside of the block is distributed by the piston dispensers of the progressive dosing device equally among the different outputs.In case a single output becomes blocked,the pistons stop their activity allowing for the control of the entire system by means of a single device for this purpose.