Dual-line Lubrication System

Dual line lubrication systems can be used for large systems with dispersed lubrication points that require different amounts of lubrication. Using two main lines Alternating branch lines along the main line are connected to a two-line metering unit to supply large quantities of lubricant to the lubrication points.

In large two-line systems, pressure switches at the end of the line are used to control and In large two-line systems, end-of-line pressure switches are used to control and monitor the system. These flexible systems are simple in design and can be controlled. Dual line metering units can be combined with downstream progressive metering units to increase the total number of lubrication points receiving small quantities of lubricant. CISO offers two-line systems that can dispense accurate lubricant over distances of up to 100 metres or more, up to 2,000 lubrication points.